Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's been almost two weeks since my last post. Sorry about that. I guess there is nothing really to say except that I am still drowning in homework and doing a prednisone taper. It almost seems like I am never getting off of it. For the next two weeks I will be alternating 5mg with 6mg.

Speaking of drowning in work, I registered for five classes next semester so far. The total amount of credits is 17. Since I seemingly love to torture myself, I also am applying for a course overload so I can take 21 credits next semester (limit is 19). I am trying to get as many prerequisites for nursing school out of the way that I can because I am still getting financial aid. I also found a seminar lat minute that I really wanted to take because I am a nerd. So for next semester I have general chemistry plus its three hour lab, nutrition, an online class about public relations, a class called performance ethnography (unless I can get into the documentary seminar) and a psychology seminar about clinical psychology. I hope to be able to register for developmental psychology at the school down the street from mine which costs $40,000+ a year but I can take any class there for my tuition rates. This goes the same for any of the other 4 ridiculously expensive schools around me. All I have to do is be registered for 3 credits and my home institution.

Anyway, my joint pain has been increasing and I have had to supplement my prescription pain meds almost everyday with over-the-counter ones. This is not encouraging, but I do not see my rheumatologist again for a few more weeks and do not really feel like going to see her anytime sooner. Unless, of course, it gets real bad.

Hope everyone's November is going well so far!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ever since taking neuroendocrinology a couple of semesters ago I have been really interested in the field. I guess I will have some first hand knowledge now that I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist later this month. My calcium levels are wacky, my Vitamin D levels are out of sorts and I have low citrate (whatever that is) which is making me crank out kidney stones at an alarming pace. I did one round of Googling about what this all could mean and then I stopped. No use getting ahead of myself because I will probably come out of the appointment with them telling me to drink more water and that's it.

Midterms are over, thank God. Now I can get back to my normal crazy instead of extra, extra crazy. Also, the class listings went up today so I was able to make a tentative schedule while sitting around bored at work. It looks like I will be able to take two nursing school prerequisites (Anatomy & Physiology 1 and Nutrition) next semester. I still need to take another semester of A&P, microbiology with lab, two semesters of chemistry and human growth and development, but it's a start. This will also make me more attractive to the one nursing school I am applying for now because while you can take the prerequisites the summer before the nursing classes start, the website says doing this will make you "less competitive".

I'm down to 6mg of prednisone and everyone says it looks like I am losing weight, which is not true it is just my face is not swollen from the prednisone anymore. But if they think that, why not? I gained 10lbs on the stuff and I want them off now.

Anyway, happy November!