Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of Class...Kind Of

Today was the first day of class for my last semester as an undergraduate. We ended up having a snow day. Or half of a snow day because they did not cancel classes until the afternoon. So I had my nutrition class this morning and stayed and watched the snow fall in the afternoon. I actually kind of wanted to go to my afternoon class because it is called Performance Ethnography and I am not sure what it is about.

Anyway, I was also glad classes were cancelled today because I am fighting a horrible cold which I fear might be turning into an ear infection. Not cool. I have been drinking a lot of tea and taking a lot of Dayquil.

I have seen the syllabi for 5/6 classes and this is getting ready to be another difficult semester. I did not get into the developmental psychology class at the other school like I wanted so I added another class called health communication that I think will look good on nursing school applications.

Stay warm!


Miz Flow said...

Gah..I've only had one ear infection and that was around this time last year. It was one of the worst things ever! I hope it does not turn into an ear infection!

Michelle Pease said...

Hey Melanie,

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