Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey Spring Break!

Well I am on spring break and couldn't be happier about it. A week to relax. Well, kind of relax because I still need to study for both a chemistry and nutrition exam and I need to study for the GREs which I need to hurry up and take.

I saw the endocrinologist last week and they said they did not think I need one of my parathyroids removed at that time and that the other scary thing they were thinking about is probably not what is going on. I am going to have some specialized tests done on my kidneys to try to figure out why they are so calcified, however. In 6 months I have to repeat the blood tests to check on my levels of calcium and keep doing that every 6 months for a while. If they detect the high calcium again then we have to revisit the surgery issue.

I am really happy about this because I was envisioning ridiculous scars on my neck. And of course surgery just throws everything off and I am tried of having it. While my kidneys still remain a bit of a mystery, and this is scary with lupus, I can deal with it. I have been dealing with the stones in them for many years and while the number of stones keeps increasing, as long as I am not in any acute pain I normally don't think about it.

I am only a couple months away from being a college graduate. My dad keeps asking me how I want to celebrate and I don't really know. It is a little surreal to me. I have not found a job yet and that is making me nervous. I have been in school for so long and being done with it is a little scary.

Well, I am actually nowhere near being done. I plan on going to nursing school in the fall of 2012. But I haven't had an extended period of time not being in school in about 18 years.

I hope everyone is staying well!


*★-La kLaU-★* said...

Hi, i dont know how this post came to my email, but im glad it does...

i have lupus too, and fightinG!

hugs from mexico!

JDB said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat. I have lupus and I am also in college. I know first hand how hard it is, so if you ever need to talk to someone who "gets it" feel free to message me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,

Nice to meet you. I'm new to your blog and am excited about meeting someone in a similar position. I was just diagnosed with SLE back in December/January. I have had it for possibly the last few years unknowingly. My doc has me on plaquenil and I take Naproxen regularly. Last semester I was in college. I had to withdraw for a number of reasons, but mostly because I got sick. I was soo fatigued. It was horrible. I could barely stay awake during class. Now I'm sufferring from insomnia. I'm going to start class again in the summer. I just want to be done with school. I'm also a single mom of two boys. One is autistic. They are 4 and 2. I'm 27 and have always struggled with school. I want to have a sense of accomplishment. I want to be proud of myself for once. How did you manage school and fatigue??