Friday, May 20, 2011


So the "college" chapter of my life has officially come to a close. I checked my final grades this morning and was pleased with what I saw. So, now what?

I have signed up for two classes this summer. One starts on May 31 and is at 8 a.m. for 10 weeks through the summer. It is general chemistry and hopefully since I will have a little bit more time to focus on it, it will not be as stressful. The second starts on July 11 and is called Human Growth and Development. It is online so hopefully it will not be too bad. It is a psychology class, and since I just got an entire bachelor's degree in psychology, I do not expect it to be too hard.

I have had a few job interviews and I am keeping my options open. I am writing this from vacation in San Francisco and I will have to evaluate the pros and cons of each job when I return. I basically have an offer for one job, but I do not know if it is something I want.

Speaking of San Francisco, I love it here! I fell in love with Oakland yesterday. It is exactly the type of city I want for my 20s. I texted my dad last night to tell him I will be relocating and he said "you want to be in earthquake central". Ah yes. I love California (now that I have been to both north and south) but those pesky earthquakes.

Graduating from college is so interesting. I'm inundated with so many different feelings about it. Nervous, excited, happy, scared. My FUTURE is ahead of me. It's really interesting.

My lupus is pretty stable. There was some evidence of increased activity in my last blood tests, but I'm not that worried. I also was diagnosed with TMJ so I need to see a dentist to help me deal with that.

Well, hopefully I will have some more time to update the blog. I think I know what to rename it since I am no longer a college student and I will be playing around with formats and what not.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


KirBir said...


I took a vacation after graduation last year too, and it was one of the best things I've ever done. Having the stress of school gone and being able to take a break from job searching was priceless. I hope you're enjoying beautiful San Fran :)

Anonymous said...

Craaaaazzzyyy! I graduated college in December and was diagnosed with Lupus in October 2008. So strange to find someone in almost the exact same situation as me! :) glad I found you! I write a blog to, not solely about Lupus since I don't let it run my life, but about life in general. Come find me (, it'd be great to keep in touch and see where life takes you!

Peace and painfree days! Charissa