Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Still New

I haven't quite gotten used to lupus. I'm unsure about what to do in situations like the one I am in now. My joints ACHE, my chest is hurting and I hate anything that threatens to remove me from my bed. My rheumatologist was not in today and the nurse who called me back told me she had no idea what to do for me. Everything I see online tells me how to prevent a lupus flare, but not so much how to treat one once it has already started.

I guess this all means I need to be more proactive when I see my doctors. I need to stop being intimidated and I need to stop feeling like I am wasting their time with my questions. All it does land me in situations like now, a Friday night in pain with limited options on how to treat it.

I take Imuran and Relafen for my lupus, and I often supplement the Relafen with Tylenol. Hopefully, this combination will work its magic this weekend.

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My Life...With Lupus said...

I'm sorry you're hurting. I know how you feel. Doctors, Nurses and especially receptionists make it easy to feel like we're annoying them.