Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School

So I leave to go back to school tomorrow. I am not packed, but I just finished my last shopping trip so I really have no excuse. Well, actually, not all the clothes are dry, so...

Anyway, this semester is gearing up to be just as crazy as all the other ones. I am going to continue working both jobs and take six classes, plus I just signed up for intramural soccer. It's a little bit of a crazy schedule, but I am hoping all this activity helps me keep off the prednisone weight. My biggest fear, of course, is weight gain. I can stand gaining it in my face, as I definitely have, but not anywhere else. The face will go down once I stop, but I have worked too hard to lose the weight everywhere else to go through it again.

I do not have a meal plan this semester so I will be entirely on my own for food. This is both good and bad. I can have control over everything I eat and control the fat, calories, sodium, whatever else, but I also will have to do more planning out of what I eat. Of course, I think I will be able to get into the dining halls sometimes when I eat with friends.

I'm looking forward to starting this year. It's my last as an undergrad (finally!!) so hopefully it will go well!

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