Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's In a Name?

So I recently got a Twitter (follow me!) and have noticed some interesting things about myself in the process. My Twitter name is lupiestudent, because I meant for it to go along with this blog. However, identifying myself this way has taken a little bit of an adjustment. I have other accounts that do not use this name and seeing myself so clearly identified with my lupus throws me for a loop sometimes.

I guess this has led me to wonder how much of my life I want defined by my lupus. I live my life (whether smartly or not) like I do not have it. Whenever it acts up I try to go on instead of doing the things I know I need to do (like slow down and take a rest). So I guess I can say I live in a kind of denial about my lupus. When I see something that clearly states I have it, I just get uncomfortable.

There is a possibility that I will change my Twitter name in the future. There is also the consideration of future employers, insurance companies, etc. finding out about it and then having to explain the lupus. I try to keep both this blog and my Twitter as anonymous as possible. Well, as anonymous as you can with your picture and state listed.

So, maybe I will get used to seeing myself identified as a lupie and maybe not. I guess time will tell.

In other news, my prednisone taper is going...meh. I have had increased joint pain and an attack of pleuritic pain so bad yesterday at work that I had to lay down on my desk while my boss was out. Yes, on my desk because the floor was too far away. I really, really want to be off this stuff so I am going to push it as far as I can.

I hope everyone enjoys this first weekend of fall! Best season ever!

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KirBir said...

Good luck Hun. I hope you start feeling better soon.