Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stress, Lupus and a Prednisone Taper

I'm about ready to shut my brain off for a while. This semester has been really taking a toll on me. Even though I was taking six classes and working both jobs last semester, it was not nearly this bad. I am completely lacking enough time to get my work done and take care of myself. Throw in a rapid taper from 25mg of prednisone to 10mg, and you have a pretty bad combination. I didn't quite realize how much good the prednisone was doing until now. I came home from work on Sunday and my joints were screaming at me.

I had a talk with my dad this afternoon and he told me that he would help me financially if I reduced my work hours. That is very nice of him but I don't want that to happen. He helps me out now and I know its a lot for him.

I think my schedule even for a person who is not sick is a lot. I don't want to reduce my hours or slow my prednisone taper so I need to figure out something.

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