Monday, May 3, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

I am beginning to think the CellCept is taking effect. I worked my (last) 8-4 shift today and I felt almost human after I was done with it. I was not nearly as achy as usual and this morning I wasn't either. This afternoon, however, my knees were pretty achy. But I think this is a step in the right direction!

Tomorrow is the last day of classes. A week ago my Psych/Lit class ended. I finished my Writing as Communication class today when I turned in my case study and tomorrow I have a group presentation for New Media and a test in Plagues. I only have two scheduled finals for Spanish and Media Programming. The end is in sight.

I have also started the medication Amitriptiline for my migraines. I gave it two days last semester because I didn't like the effect of weight gain it can have. I went to my doctor on Friday because of an increase in my migraines and he suggested I give it another try. He assured me there would be no weight gain on the dosage he would put me on. So I am going to try it again because it does help me sleep better as well. My doctor did not want me to go up on Verapamil because my pulse is very slow and my blood pressure is generally borderline low.

Well that's my life/school/medical update. Enjoy the rest of the week!


V said...

Hang in there, girl! You are amazing. Im a mom to four teenagers, working full time, and can totally relate since I have Lupus, too. The Cellcept works great for a lot of people, I hope it works wonders for you! Blessings! Victoria

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for your commen and sorry I am so late in responding. YOU sound amazing. I really hope that I can have kids and work and do all the things that I want to do even though I have lupus.