Friday, May 28, 2010

Not Impressed

Sorry for the gap between posting again. I had written a long, thought out post a couple days ago and erased it by accident and couldn't retrieve it. I basically described my meeting with my new rheumatologist. I don't really like her and my father was not that impressed either. She made some recommendations that I don't think I will take her up on. The only thing I said I would do is try Plaquenil again. I refused the prednisone (again) and some other things she suggested. She seems to be in favor of polypharmacy and I am certainly not. She also just seemed bored while I was there.

I gave my blood to some blood bank for lupus research while I was there. This rheumatologist is affiliated and located in a big research hospital so I have opportunities to participate in research. I also consented to be contacted by the people running a study on Vitamin D and lupus. I take a weekly megadose of Vit. D because my levels tend to be pretty low.

My summer classes start June 8 and are available for preview on June 1. For some reason I am looking forward to starting them although I know my tune with change once they actually do start.

I have been going to the gym regularly since I have been home. I want to lose 10 more lbs before school starts again. I want to go again tonight but I have had a pretty bad day and I am very aggravated so I just want to go to my favorite ice cream stand and watch the Celtics WIN.

That's all for now. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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