Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is This What ENERGY Feels Like?

Today has been a busy day. I woke up and logged onto my school account and had a message from Financial Aid saying they needed a whole lot more information to process my file for next year. Fine. So I got up and went over to the building where Fin Aid is housed (about a 20 minute walk, in the sun and on a fairly warm day). After I squared them away, I went to Health Services because I left my lens prescription there the other day (hello bifocals!). Then I realized it had been a month since I had my blood tests done, so I went and drove to my doctors office about 25 minutes away, got my blood tests done and drove back. I barely got back in time to go to work, so I parked my car, ran up to my room to drop off the prescriptions I had picked up from CVS, and ran back out to catch the bus to work. The bus didn't come, so I walked to another street and caught a bus there. I made it to work with 1 minute to spare. At this point it is 2 in the afternoon and I have not had time to eat. So I finish up some paperwork and send some emails so that my boss will be set until another assistant comes in during the summer. I then go to the other place where I work because I am SO HUNGRY. So I pick up something to eat and go back to my apartment. My roommate tells me the second that I get in that the person who was supposed to come to do her hair for Commencement Ball did not arrive and would I help her? I told her I would but I had to eat. While I was eating, the person called so I was off the hook. I then decide to watch some TV, but after a little while I got bored and called a friend. We went to the movies and saw Iron Man 2 (amazing!!!) and I finally get in around 12:45. Whew!

Is this what it feels like to have some energy? Doing even half of these things would have wiped me out just a few weeks ago. I still don't want to jinx the CellCept, but maybe, possibly, could it be that this is why I am feeling so much better? I am reluctant to say anything because things change so dramatically with me so quickly, but hopefully this is something that will last.


SR said...

wow this is awesome! im so glad you're doing so well :)

gives me hope that i can have days like these ... i'm still fighting the day to day tasks..

hopefully this will continue!

Victoria said...

WOW!! I was tired just reading all that! My daughter is a student at University of Georgia, I know how hectic her days are, and your day sounds just like the day she had on Friday. I dont know how you do it!

Yes, this is what energy feels like... but Girl!... please slow down. I so know what its like to wake up feeling good, and then try to cram as much into the day as possible. I usually crash around 9pm or even the next day. Sounds like you had some spoons saved and spent them all at once!

There are those days that I wake up and feel so normal for most of the day, these days are rare, but they do happen. I wrack my brain trying to figure out what I did the days preceding it to give me this energy... what did I eat? when did I rest? etc, etc.. but it never seems to add up. What works one day doesnt work the next. SOOO Frustrating! I tell my husband all the time, my mind is willing, but my body just will not cooperate, no matter how much I will it to. :/

I pray that the Cellcept is working for you, and that this energy IS something permanent to look forward to. Just take it easy and pace yourself!!

Blessings! V.