Friday, July 16, 2010

ER Visit

(You see, I knew I would start posting as soon as I made the announcement that I might be gone for a while)

I spent yesterday evening at the hospital. This was my first time being sent there for lupus-related reasons since my diagnosis. I was having chest pain when I breathed that just wouldn't go away so my rheumatologist sent me over. The diagnosis, as I thought, was pleurisy. For a few tense moments, after my EKG and some heart imaging, the thought was that I had a pericardial effusion. But that was not the case and I was out of there in about 5 hours.

The chest pain is still there but I can live with it until my appointment on Tuesday. There are some things related to my heart that I need to talk to the doctor about, but it is safe to say that I will be OK. I just cant go to the gym which actually bums me out a lot.

This was my first ER visit in a year, which pre-diagnosis was unheard of. I also haven't been hospitalized since October 2008, which is wonderful. I was averaging every 4-6 weeks being seen in the ER or being hospitalized in my high school days.

I'm glad everything is working out and I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Stephanie said...

I am glad you are out of the hospital already. I went in at the beginning of June with pericardial effusion. They put me on 80mg of prednisone and it was cleared in 2 weeks!! Good luck with your appointment and summer school!!

KirBir said...

Girl, feel better!