Friday, July 2, 2010

Gearing Up For the Heat

The past few days here have been really wonderful. Not too hot, not too cold with beautiful bright skies. I have trouble with the sunlight, so I haven't been running around too much outside without some protection, but I am still enjoying the weather all the same.

All this will change on the 4th when we get a week of 90+ weather. Oh. joy. And to top it all off the humidity is supposed to ramp up as well. I really, really have trouble when it gets like that outside. I swell and get rashes and fevers and feel miserable. On the 4th my dad and I are going to his friend's lake house. We go out on the boat and have a cookout and talk. Later, when the sun goes down, each house on the lake puts on a firecracker show, with each house trying to outdo the others. I always think the house we are at does the best, but I might be biased.

The 90 degree weather is similar to what we had in NYC when I went last weekend. I stayed two nights with my grandma who lives in Brooklyn and one night with my friend who is subletting an apartment in Manhattan for the summer. It was so much fun, even when I got ugly itchy/painful blisters on my legs because of the sun. And even when my knees and fingers swelled up and I almost passed out in a boutique. Seriously, I had such a good time. I can't wait to move to NYC (maybe one day).

So, for the next few days I am really, really going to have to be diligent with my sunscreen and listening to my body. I kind of overdid it in NYC, but luckily things didn't get too bad.

In other health news, I have to go see an endocrinologist because I keep forming stones in my kidneys and then of course my gall bladder which I had out in January, My calcium levels tend to be very high even though my Vitamin D tends to be low and I am osteopenic. So I need to sort all that out.

I hope everyone enjoys that 4th of July and I will get my last post updated soon!

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