Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got Me Thinkin'

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about many different things. One of the main things is what I am going to do after college. I have a lot of different interests and jump from one idea to another on a regular basis. I really like developmental psychology, school psychology, nursing and music management - now I am seriously considering the Teach for America program.

I know several people doing Teach for America and one told me that the program likes for successful applicants to have leadership experience. So this got me thinking. One thing I could think of is starting a support group for students on campus with chronic illness. I do not think any such group exists and it is important for students to be able to reach out to one another. I know that I am frequently overwhelmed by the prospect of having lupus for the rest of my life. I am just beginning to come into my own, develop who I want to be. Unfortunately chronic illness is a factor.

This has to be the same for other student whether they have lupus or something else. Being our age and dealing with all the uncertainties that illness brings is difficult. I plan to bring it up with my primary care physician on Friday when I have an appointment. He can probably tell me if something on campus exists, and if not, how to go about setting it up.

I think this could be a good resource on campus AND provide me with the leadership experience I need for possibly applying to Teach for America (or grad school, or a job....)

I plan to write a post later about my decision making for staying an extra year in school and how lupus is factoring into my decision for after school.

Have a fantastic week!

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