Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nothing Like It

There is nothing like going home. My dad picked me up at school and brought me to the doctor's on Friday. She gave me a Flector patch, which is doing well so far. Then we stopped at my aunt and uncle's for a bit and then continued home.

I am not working tomorrow because I am pretty sure I would not make it. I am so happy to be spending Easter with my family. I have been so miserable lately and I think the best medicine so far has been being home with my dad and the rest of my family.

I am also completely swamped with work. I have never had this much to do before! Maybe I will post my list, but right now it's too overwhelming. I worked on some today and noe I am about to get into bed with a movie.

Happy Easter/Passover/anything else you might celebrate!

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