Monday, September 28, 2009

Only the Third Week? Really?

Classes are in full swing, but it is only the beginning of the third full week of classes. Somehow it seems that its been a lot longer than that. I have a whole bunch of papers and tests coming up that I am not looking forward to. I have already had a Spanish written test, graded homework and oral test. I did fine on all of them, so I am happy. Last week I was really worried about a test for my behavioral endocrinology class, but I think I did well on that as well. The grades have not been posted yet. In the next couple weeks I have a history paper, world cinema paper, shakesperare paper and advertising test. Whoopie!

I'm holding together for the most part. I see my doctor tomorrow because I think my sinuses may have a problem. I keep getting headaches that are not like my normal headaches. They are situated in the front of my head (my migraines are normally in the crown) and it hurts when I press the space on top of my eyes. I remember being told my sinuses didn't look that great when I got dental x-rays.

I'm very busy but I am enjoying it. I guess that is what counts.

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