Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Came down with a fever on Monday and went to University Health Services. No flu, but I am still pretty sick. Unfortunately, I think I got my roommate sick too. I have a stuffy, runny nose, quite a horrendous headache, a cough that has made me pull more muscles than I knew existed and a lingering fever. Suffice it to say I am pretty miserable. But the fever is not high enough for the flu, so its just a bad cold with an ear infection coming along for the ride.

I did not go to classes on Monday, but I wen to them yesterday. Today was a day off because of Verteran's Day, so I will see how I feel in the morning. Hopefully I am better. I was all packed to go home on Monday but decided to stick it out. So I have been trying to get rest and movies in.

When I called out of work on Monday I found out my boss really does have the flu. But she did not come in, thank goodness. Hopefully she will be doing better by the time I go in on Friday.

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