Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pin Cushion

So I saw my doctor today for a follow up to headaches I have been having. He also had the results of the blood tests I had done a couple weeks ago at my rheumatologist's office. The good news was that my ANA was negative and the anti-DNA antibodies were "low". I forgot to ask about my sed rate and c-reactive proteins. The bad news was that some of my liver function tests were off, my urinalysis was not up to par and my calcium is high. So I have to go repeat those in the next few days. I'm getting tired of being a pin cushion.

I have explained before that I have something called Gilbert's syndrome which raises my bilirubin levels but causes no other real problems. This does not explain the results of my other liver function tests. That is what has me the most worried. I do not want anything happening to such an important organ. I have had high calcium before, but my parathyroid hormones are OK, so I do not know why that keeps happening. And I have also had weird urinalysis results before.

In better news, I think I did really well on my recent communications and neuroendocrinology exams. Spanish is up in the air. I am not good at oral exams and I realized some mistakes I made on the written exam. I think I did alright on the graded homework, though, and we have another one due Friday. Also, my world cinema and Shakespeare professors postponed the due dates of their papers until after Thanksgiving break and I am very thankful for that.

I have a history paper due on Monday and that is the only major thing I have due before I get to go home for Thanksgiving!

I registered for classes already for next semester. I am going to be taking 19 credits, so thats 6 3 credit courses and a one credit course. I will be taking Spanish 2, Psychological Problems in Contemporary Lit for my psychology major, The Ecology of Plagues to get rid of my last biological science requirement, New Media, Media Programming and Writing about Communications for my comm major and I am taking an Resident Assistant/Apartment Living Assistant class because I will be applying for both of those positions. I will also be having the same job with the same hours.

It will be a busy semester again, but I think I can handle it.

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