Monday, November 2, 2009


I have posted before about my feelings on swine flu (and if I could figure out how to quote myself I would link it, help?). While I am not overly concerned, I know it could be dangerous for me and I do not want it. I went into work today, said hello to the office assistant in before me then went to say hello to my boss. She just kind of nodded at me and then when I turned to go back into the assistant cubicle said that probably had the swine flu and was trying to avoid contact. WHAT?????

I immediately came clean and said that I am immunocompromised and the flu could be very bad for me. Everywhere you go on campus you see signs saying STAY AT HOME if you have flu symptoms. Why didn't she heed this advice? She also said she plans on going to the events this week but staying away from people. I had to have close contact with her a few times today. She skipped a meeting, though, and I went in her place (which I did enjoy). I texted my dad as soon as I found out and he told me to get out of there, but I need the money. And how was I supposed to pull that off?

I am thinking about sending an email to the other two assistants to tell them to please, please, please Lysol the office before they leave and do everything they can to keep it clean. I could not believe that she would come in while she was so sick and stay there after I told her in no uncertain terms that she could make me very sick.

I am calling my rheumatologist tomorrow to ask what I should do in the event that I do come down with the flu.

I am pretty mad. And I hope that she doesn't go to the events and potentially infect other people who might have a serious problem if they get the flu.

I will be watching for any symptoms the next couple of days. My plan now if I get sick is to try to get home, whether I am able to drive myself, or have to have my aunt or father come pick me up. My father wants me to go to the hospital if I get flu symptoms, but I plan on just going home and riding it out unless it gets severe. There is no use clogging up the ER if I can stand it at home since there is nothing they can do for me anyway unless I become very sick. But, I will get my doctor's advice tomorrow.

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Art said...


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