Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So I am having my gall bladder removed on January 11, which is a little later than I hoped. From everything I read it can take about 2 weeks to start to feel normal again, even with a laproscopic approach. Hopefully that will not be the case because I move back to school January 18. I decided to hold off on my wisdom teeth until May 28 because I do not think my body will handle both surgeries in such a small amount of time.

Also having the surgery later means I have more time to worry about it. And of course I am. I have had surgery before, but always because they were looking for something or removing something that was not supposed to be there. Not to remove a whole organ. I handle anesthesia pretty well - I had a small problem with my heart racing too fast and making me feel short of breath the first time - but that went away in a day or two. I never got sick to my stomach and, really, I spent most of the next few days sleeping. Thats not the part that bothers me. It's the part about removing part of my internal plumbing.

But anyway, I have done nothing but relax the past couple days. I am going to roast my very first chicken tonight, so we will see how that goes. I love to cook, and I love chicken. But I have never cooked anything bigger than a cornish hen (my favorite dinner). So this much larger chicken should be intersting. I am making it with thyme and lemon and it will be accompanied with roasted pecan and gralic bulgur and garlic spinach. Should be tasty!

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