Monday, December 21, 2009


So sorry for the lack of posts. I finished my finals on Friday and got back home that night. This is the first time I have turned on my computer since then and I even turned off my phone for a while. I went out socially for the first time tonight for my friend's birthday. So I have really just been trying to get my head screwed back on because I think I lost it for a while toward the end of the semester. :)

I met with the surgeon for my gall bladder today. I will be having the surgery, after much anxiety and whatnot. I HATE the idea. I feel like God put it in me for a reason, how can it be taken out with no ill effect? I thought I was at peace with my decision, but I got into a big argument with my aunt just a few minutes ago that has me second guessing my decision all over again. In fact, I had planned to go to sleep an hour and a half ago, but I took her call and now I'm too wound up and anxious to go to fall asleep.

I do not have a date for the surgery, but the scheduler is trying to work it out so that it is next week or the week after so school will not be an issue.

I also found out that lupus has damaged my kidneys a bit. The radiologist noticed it when I had the ultrasound of my belly for my gall bladder. So that explains why I sometimes spill protein into my urine. From my understanding, it is common in mild lupus kidney disease to have protein be found in your urine and then have it disappear during the next test, even if it is just a couple days later.

I had another round of antibody testing that came out fine, even though my joints have been very painful and I have an amount of fatigue that I feel is unusual. I took a nap today! I never do that. I need to speak to my rheumatologist to ask if the medicine can suppress blood tests even when I feel symptoms. My symptoms are very lupus like with the joint pain, fatigue, sun sensetivity and I also have been running fevers up to 100 every day for a couple of weeks now. But maybe I am stressing myself out. I had finals and the end of the semester and now I have to worry about my gall bladder, wisdom teeth and kidneys.

I plan on getting a lot of rest. I really need it.

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