Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But WHY Did This Happen??

I am almost recovered from my wisdom tooth surgery. I spent most of the time sleeping and today I went to check on my Netflix statistics and I watched somewhere along the lines of 19 episodes of Law & Order, both SVU and Criminal Intent, 8 episodes of Weeds and 21 episodes of The Office. But I promise this is not actually true as I kept the player going even when I was asleep. I promise.

Anyway, the teeth are healing nicely, I suppose since it's kind of hard to look down there. I did have one massive blood clot form that I was sure was going to destroy the rest of my teeth. But it, and all of its disgusting-ness is starting to go away. I am no longer swollen, but my regular prednisone rotundness is apparent. Stitches come out Saturday and that's that!
Looking back on it, I freaked out more than I really needed to. I have never had a cavity or any other tooth problem in my life. So why did my wisdom teeth cause so many problems? I guess its one of those things, like lupus, that the body does and we can never really figure it out.

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