Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Disheartening

Just a few minutes ago I went to pick up a refill of my Cellcept prescription at the pharmacy. I was shocked when the total copay turned out to be $20. It previously had been $10, and I had trouble affording that with the other medicines I take and the $15 copay for my Nexium prescription. Now I will have to pay $20 for generic and $35 for brand name(!!!!). Yearly this will be somewhere around $2000. Over two times what I made in the entirety of last year and a HUGE chunk of all the money I will make this year.

This is just so frustrating to me. When I think I have my finances under control things like this happen to make it worse again. I just want to be able to go out with my friends and if I didn't have lupus this would be possible. My friends and I have set a goal to go on vacation before 2011 if done. I haven't been on a real vacation in years. However, with most of my money going toward prescriptions and my car insurance (because it is necessary for me to have it when I am at school because the area is a little rural and there is no public transportation to my rheumatologist and the hospital if necessary), I don't know if it can happen. I'm so disappointed.

I'm gong to try my hardest to figure out some other options for paying for my medicine. My family is not financially able to support me like this, so it really rests on me. My dad said he will help out with my prescriptions when he saw how bummed I was, but that's an additional burden on him that I do not feel right asking him to take on. Somethings gotta give soon.

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H said...

This is the worst. No one our age should have to be spending any of our "extra" money on medicine. Talk about adding insult to injury :( I'm really sorry.