Thursday, August 19, 2010

Medicine, Medicine, Medicine

I got to see another rheumatologist in the clinic today and got a huge overhaul of my current lupus medications. She switched me from Plaquenil to another medicine called chloroquine that hopefully I can tolerate better. She almost bumped me up to 30 mg of prednisone, but we decided to keep it at 25 mg and split it so I am taking 15 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon. Then we also decided that I should start taking Nexium twice a day instead of once to try to quiet my stomach issues. Also, once my tolerance, or lack of tolerance, for chloroquine has been established, I am to go up to 3000 mg of Cellcept. And we added in Naproxen. That is so much for me to wrap my head around and I really HATE being on all these immunosuppressives. What am I doing to my body? What is my risk of cancer? Infection? So much to think about.

My final paper for my last summer class is due by 8pm tonight and I am almost done with it. I just have to finish the conclusion and then proofread. At least that will be done. Also, my wisdom tooth surgery is scheduled for 3pm tomorrow afternoon. I will leave straight from work and hopefully will be able to change out of my work clothes into something more comfortable and less covered in mayonnaise (ewwww) and tomatoes. The surgery lasts about an hour I hear so hopefully we can be back on the road home by 4:30, pick up my medicine at a pharmacy out there and be home by 7pm. We'll see.

I also have a show to go to for my internship tonight, but since I have to be up at 5:30 am for work, I am only going to stay a couple hours. I really do not want to go as I am exhausted and just want to take a nap. But I said I would be there so I will go.

I will post again after I have this dreaded wisdom tooth surgery. I have had three surgeries on my stomach and the anxiety they produced was much less. I don't know why I am such a wimp about my mouth.

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