Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lesson Learned: Still Not Recovered From Saturday

So I negotiated my way out of going to back to the Emergency Room tonight after speaking with my rheumatologist. She will not be in clinic the for the next few weeks and I have been pretty miserable for the past little while. Saturday was certainly no help and I now have fully learned my lesson that I need protection in the sun. I have been having joint pain, migraines, a flare up of the chest pain that's pretty bad and I have been completely exhausted. My doctor really wants to get a better handle on the chest pain since I am on 25 mg (!!!) of prednisone right now. So she told me she would try to have me seen by another doctor in the arthritis clinic tomorrow and if that is not possible then I will have to go back to the Emergency Room. Sigh.

So to all my online lupie friends, REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN!!! This is so not worth it, even though I had a lot of fun.

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