Thursday, October 8, 2009

Midterms...Kind Of

Well, one of the most dreaded times of the semester is upon me. Midterms. And I think they are a bit early this year...

I had a history paper due at 11:59 last night which took me forever to write. I have seriously never had such a hard time with a paper before. I hope I got a good mark on it! I also had a written Spanish test and a Spanish paper due. Tomorrow I have an oral exam for Spanish and an advertising test at night. Next week I have a paper for Shakespeare, a paper for World Music/Cinema and my protfolio is due for that class is due also. The week after I have an audio/visual project due for my World Music/Cinema class, a test in neuroendocrinology and another Spanish paper, test and oral exam. Whew!

My grades so far this semester have been really good so hopefully I will continue that trend. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I won't really be happy if they are not good. I also have not missed a single class yet this semester!

This weekend is a long weekend but I am not going home. My plan is to RELAX. Things have been very bust for me and it is not going to let up anytime soon in the next few weeks.

On Saturday I have a consultation with the oral surgeon to get all four of my wisdom teeth out, so I will updat about how that went.

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