Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday or Monday?

So because of the long weekend, my school decided to make today (Tuesday) a Monday schedule. Totally has me thrown off. I also had to work today but I thought that I did not because in the real world it is Tuesday. But since I work on campus, I, unfortunately, had to go in. I've been having some problems at work with people I work with and I was not looking forward to having to go in today. I'm beginning to wonder if I should tell my supervisor about my lupus. I made a comment about me having an autoimmune disease but did not go into detail. My problems are not with her, but I wonder if I speak to her she can tell some other people to back off. For example, today I was taking longer to process what I was being told during a training session because I had a migraine and am totally and inexplicably exhausted. Hopefully that gets better.

I would really like it to be the weekend already. I'm not feeling that great. Migraines are out in full force and since yesterday I have been EXHAUSTED. Wonder if I am coming down with something? I was seriously ready for bed at 6:45 last night. I want to go to bed now but still have assignments and stuff to get done. I have two papers and my Communication portfolio due this week, but those are probably going to wait until the night before unfortunately because I am just too tired to do anything else. I guess everything is catching up with me.

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