Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Not 100%

I don't really know what hit me, but the past couple of days I have not been feeling well at all. No (high) fever, so I know it was not the flu. I tend to run mild temperatures 99.0-100.0 and mine these past couple days never got out of that range. I got these mouth sores and then all day yesterday and this morning I had a horrible, horrible migraine with accompanying nausea. I was miserable and it seemed as though my migraine meds were not working. I took it again around 5:40 this morning and that seemed to do the trick. I went to all my classes today and participated in a research experiment. By noon the headache was gone, so I think the worst was over. Now its just this lingering slight stomach ache and mouth sores which are persisting. I think it is only one or two left now though. I also think I may have a discoid lesion on the back of my leg. I see my primary care doctor on Friday and my rheumatologist next week. Hopefully I start to feel better soon.

This does have me very scared that I am flaring. All these symptoms especially the mouth sores running rampant and thi possible discoid lesion have me nervous. Since I am still not feeling 100% im considering not going to class and sleeping in. I have history in the morning and a meeting with my history TA to go over my paper so it would not be horrible if I missed the class. But I may be great tomorrow, so I will see. I hate missing class. But I also can't mess with a flare.

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