Monday, January 18, 2010

Do I Have To?

Classes start tomorrow. Blah. I don't feel in the going to class mood. I don't have 9/10 books for my psych/lit class. I simply don't want to go.

I moved fully into the apartment yesterday. I spent $109 on groceries. Terribly expensive.

It was my frist time driving and doing much of anything since the surgery. I was able to tolerate it, though I was in pain. I fell asleep early and woke up with my joints and stomach in a lot of pain.

On Saturday night had a scary amount of pain. I thought and ambulance would have to be called. I started to hyperventilate because I couldn't take a full breath in because the pressure on my stomach it caused was too much. I got lightheaded because I couldn't breathe properly. Thankfully it passed. I'm not sure what happened. I barely ate yesterday and don't feel much like eating today although I need to get something in me.

But I am still here. So hopefully my first day of classes and everything goes well.

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