Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Away, Snow

I guess I should not be surprised. I do live in New England. But this snow has been a little ridiculous. I am tired of it. I didn't even expect it the last two times. The first I was out with my little cousin. I had run a couple errands with him and we were headed to the movies and lunch when it began. I turned the radio to the news station that said we were only expecting a coating to an inch. So I continued to the movie theater. Well, it was a winter wonderland when we got out of the movie (Alvin and the Chipmunks...longest hour and a half ever). And then because my little cousin has me wrapped around his little finger, we even went to a restaurant for lunch after. I do not think I have mentioned before how much I hate driving in the snow. Or even when snow is just simply on the ground. I detest it. It makes parking harder and I am always worried about patches of ice. It is just much better for me to sit at home.

It also snowed all this weekend. It just stopped last night. I woke up Saturday to snow everywhere. It is supposed to snow this weekend also. I am supposed to move my stuff into the apartment at school this weekend so that I do not have a lot of moving to do after the surgery. My dad still says we will do it, but I guess he will be driving because, as I said, I do not move in the snow.

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Miz Flow said...

I was late for work today because of the snow here in Canada! :(

P.S. I accidentally clicked on "reject" when I meant to click on "publish this comment" on the note you left on my blog. You may repost your comment about the history channel if you wish! ;)