Thursday, March 18, 2010

More In Depth

I realized that I didn't mention a lot in my post last night.

On Monday I met with the endometriosis specialist about my bleeding and treatment. He took me off the Lupron injections because they have given me osteopenia, which is a precursor to osteoporosis. He said it should resolve after I stop and I hope he is right. He put me on Aygestin, which I was already on, but at a dose 3 times higher. He said that often the anesthesia during surgery can mess up the hormones and cause bleeding. I am still bleeding, so hopefully as I taper up the Aygestin dose that will stop.

My wrist is doing a lot better though it is still a little weak. I think that it will get better in time.

The weather has been phenomenal the past couple days. I was worried I would not have nice weather on my break because it started out with a terrible 3 day rain storm. I think we are still under a state of emergency because of all the flooding it caused. Luckily my area was not hit that hard. We had some minor flooding of the roads but that was it.

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