Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's been a frustrating and exhausting past few days in regards to my health. I am bleeding and cramping intermittently, and no one seems willing to do anything. I missed two classes (well, really one, but I was so mad by the time the second one came around I sat it out) because I was being shuffled back and forth between doctors at the health center. Ultimately, nothing got done. So I called my doctor at home and nothing is going to be done until I see him on March 15. What got me the most upset yesterday was the doctor treating me like I was making a big deal out of nothing and saying something along the lines of "while this is a nuisance, it is not an emergency". I never made it out to be an emergency. I called and made an appointment. I even several days for the appointment. It is, however, completely abnormal. I should not be bleeding at all, especially for such long periods of time.

I was really mad yesterday and my hair is still falling out from the Imuran. My fingers have begun to swell and my joints were very, very painful today. I see my rheumatologist on March 11 and she said we would discuss my options then. Hopefully something can be done because I am really sick of this.

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