Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Feeling So Great

I was up last night with a pretty bad stomach ache and migraine. I had to work my 8 hour shift today and my joints are pretty angry about that. And my stomach ache and migraine are still there. I don't know why my stomach is as bad as it is. I made a delicious dinner last night, pasta with chicken and broccoli, and I don't think that it made me sick, but the thought of eating the leftovers right now is totally unappealing. I just put some eggs to boil and I am going to make some toast. I had toast this morning also. I tried a couple slices of pizza this afternoon, but I was feeling OK then. I also came pretty close to passing out at work. I had to keep focused on the idea that passing out would be totally inconvenient and the feeling passed. I knew if I didn't focus on just one thing I would be out. So I'm not sure what is going on. I think I probably had just been on my feet too long.

I always know something if wrong when I do not want to eat anything.

My thermometer is broken I think so I don't know if I have a fever. But my pulse often skyrockets when I have a significant fever and it is pretty normal right now.I see my rheumatologist on Thursday, so of course if something is still wrong I will tell her about it then. We need to talk about my treatment going forward as I'm not totally satisfied with it.

Spring break is next week! I am going home on Friday. It will be nice to relax at home. I have plenty of work to get done in the meantime though, so I am going to eat my "dinner" and get started on it.


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