Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Much

Today was a pretty easy day. I only had one class in the morning and then I went to work in afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to carry a couple heavy boxes back and forth from my office to the Concert Hall and my wrist has rebelled against me ever since. I noticed while holding the box that I could not grip it and my hand kept slipping. I thought that was weird but didn't think about it too much until I tried to open the door to the building where the Concert Hall is and I couldn't grip the handle. When I finally got back to the office I couldn't even take the cap off a pen. It feels incredibly weak. It has gotten better but I still can't make a fist or grip things tightly. I don't know if I hurt it carrying the boxes or what. I was going to go over my aunt's house today but I only managed to drive down the street until I realized I shouldn't continue because I could not properly grip the steering wheel. Luckily I see my rheumatologist tomorrow and hopefully I can drive there in the morning.

I only have one midterm and it is tomorrow for my New Media class. It is full of concepts that I have no familiarity with so I am nervous. But after that I only have a Spanish homework, quiz and a "pitch" for my communication case study and I am on Spring break. I am looking forward to noon on Friday so much.

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