Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Day at My New Job

I worked for the first time at my new job today. I got into the swing of things pretty quickly, so that was nice. The only thing is that I spent 8 hours, pretty much straight, on my feet. They hurt a lot now. I'm laying in bed and have very little intention of leaving it right now.

I have two oral tests tomorrow, one is Spanish and one in psychology. My partner for Spanish and I are working out our script via email. I am so happy she agreed to this as I really don't think I could get out to the library or any other place tonight. It hurts to even sit in my chair.

I am concerned about feeling this was as this is something I have to go every week. Next week I will be trained to work the cash register so hopefully I can work on that during my shifts so I can sit down.

I get my blood test results soon and I also see the doctor on Tuesday for this continued bleeding. Hopefully I can sort everything out.

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