Monday, February 15, 2010

Home and Back Again

I went home on Saturday and I just got back to school now. Being home was so wonderful. I hate having to leave.

I'm also really happy that we had today off, even though I spent a good chunk of it criss-crossing the state. My joints are not taking to that too kindly. In fact, they have been pretty painful for a little while now. They have ven managed to wake me up. Hopefully that gets better soon.

I also think I may be starting to bleed again. When will this end? It is so frustrating, I need it to go away. It really makes no sense.

I got in touch with my old pediatrician. She lives in Ghana running a child health clinic. She is coming back to MA in June and I really hope to meet up with her. She was wonderful, and a huge inspiration for me.

I'm REALLY not getting along with a co-worker of mine. Unfortunately, I have to see her tomorrow for the first time since we got into a little fight. And my boss won't be there to keep things calm. I am extremely easy to get along with, but I can't with her. I never yell at people. But I did at her. Hopefully things go alright tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys their week!

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