Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Think You Get My Drift...

I haven't specified this "bleeding" thing, but I'm sure you can all catch on. It's been 2 weeks. I am going to call the health center tomorrow and try to get an appointment that same day. If I can't walk-in care is always available, but I don't like to go there because they normally are not prepared to deal with someone with my history.

I woke up today with stomach problems. I decided to eat something and that made it better, but I'm still not feeling that great. I'm achy and very tired. I have a Spanish and psych exam tomorrow, but I'm going to get into bed soon. I've done a decent amount of studying so far.

My mail still has not come. Its so frustrating. I want my movies! Especially this weekend because I will probably just lay around my apartment. The Da Vinci Code comes on Saturday at 8, so I will at least have that.

I did a little research about lupus and bleeding and it seems like lupus can be a cause. Maybe that's whats happening. But I can't imagine, even if it is lupus, that it should go on for this long. It's painful and I'm tired.

Hopefully I can get in tomorrow and get some answers.

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