Friday, February 19, 2010

Sore Throats Are Not Fun

Went to the walk-in clinic today because I have had a sore throat for a few days. I got my blood tests back and my neutrophil count was the lowest it has ever been, so I scared myself into going. Everything looks fine with my throat but they did let me know I should be careful about a flu going around campus.

I am so happy it is the weekend. Everything has stressed me out this week: work, school, health, money. I'm almost considering quitting my job because it is unnescessarily stressful. But I need the money and it does relate to what I want to do. Also, I don't want to consider myself a "quitter". I can do the job. It's just one of the girls I work with is horrible, disrespectful, condescending and way too uptight. She makes working there miserable.

My migraines and joint pain have been pretty terrible lately also. Part of the reason is probably because I have had to run all over campus this week for work. I need to talk to them about that because I can't keep doing that. On Wedensday my back and knees and ankles hurt so badly I couldn't get out of bed after work. Just putting my feet on the floor hurt. I considered staying home on Thursday because they still hurt really bad.

My dad is visiting my aunt and uncle a couple towns over so I will go over there to visit tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see my dad, even though I saw him last on Monday. I am such a daddy's girl :)

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