Friday, February 26, 2010

It Was Nice While It Lasted...

Started bleeding again last night and today it's pretty intense. I called the doctor, but the doctor I saw for this last time doesn't have any available appoinments until March 23 (!!) so I am seeing another doctor. The next available open appointment in on Tuesday, but that makes me a little nervous too. I have to go get my blood tests done so I might see if I can stop in and talk with my rheumatologist. Since I started the lower dose of Imuran, I don't know if it is connected and they did tell me to call with any problems.

It was a nice break. This is really annoying as it should not be happening at all. And I could definitely go without the cramps. But I am on hold at the rheumie's office.

It is snowing again today but no snow day. The weather has been pretty ugly the last few days. We had the snowstorm on Wednesday, we had an intense rain and wind storm yesterday and snow again today. I am looking forward to better weather as I am tired of the current weather.

I also had two tests today and I am really tired. I set up my payroll at the new job this morning, so everything is all set for that. I just need to show up bright and early Sunday morning.

I hope everything goes smoothly with that and I do not get too tired or too achy from being on my feet all day. The doctor is calling me back in a few minutes, so hopefully I will have some answers as to what is going on there.

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Hua said...


I hope your doctors appointment goes well on Tuesday.

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