Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black Hole

I kind of feel like thats what going on right now. My mail, for some reason, is not reaching me. It is so bizarre. I have my Netflix movies, my blood test results, and most importantly, money my aunt sent me to pay for study abroad applications. All of them have not arrived.

I went to the office last week and they said they would look into. I also called mail services on campus and they have no idea. I went ans spoke to the apartment managers today and they said they would look into. So far I have not heard back. I really need my mail.

I also have been INCREDIBLY achy the past few days. I went to the gym Saturday, so I thought that was the reason, but I think it might be the lupus causing me pain right now. I also have been having some bleeding problems. I made an appointment with my primary care doctor, but I can't see him until Feb. 11. Hopefully I will have stopped bleeding by then. I'm not supposed to at all, so I'm really confused. It has been going on for just over a week now, or there abouts, and I don't have an explanation. It is not heavy, but it is not letting up. My gums are also bleeding a lot. I called my rheumatologist about my blood tests results and she said everything that has come in so far has been alright.

I guess Tylenol and ibuprofen will be my good friends until I can figure out what is going on in that department.

Also, that post on weight will be coming soon. I just am short on time. 24 hours is not long enough, especially when you have to sleep!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog today and thought I would comment. I am currently in my first year of college and its been a year since my diagnosis of SLE. I have the same problem as you when it comes to achyness from the gym. A workout that I could recover from in two days now takes me two weeks to feel better from. Its really frustrating... my doctor tells me to exercise, but when I do I feel so sore for days. It is because of the lupus... overexertion makes you even more sore which sucks a lot. Knowing how not to push yourself too hard has been the biggest problem for me and hopefully I will figure it out soon. I hope you do too so that you can feel better soon

mellzie19 said...

Hi there!

Yes, it is frustrating. Striking that balance between doing what the doctors say to do and what your body can stand is hard.

Also figuring out how far to push yourself if hard. I think I find that the hardest part. I'm always second guessing myself and my body. If I'm sore and fatigued, should I go to class? Is it an excuse to miss it? I never know the choice, and I normally just go. Today was an example. I'm not feeling well and wanted to climb into bed, but went to all my classes.

Hopefully things work out for the both of us, and everyone else struggling with this too!

Mary said...

I think this is a great website! I got my BA in 2007 but have returned to school for more (why lol?). I also work full time and deal w/ all of the above. The fatigue and totally unpretictable pain have me consistently dumbfounded and frustrated. I see my rheumatologist again in 2 weeks to talk some more pain medication. How lupus fits into our busy lives is a mystery.
You are all so strong! My question for you is: what kind of relationships (if any) do you build with professors so they know you might require special circumstances for exams and such? So far I have told no one but am suffering a bit for it. It's a fine line between hosting a pity party and letting people know what's up without sugarcoating...or so I have encountered since I got sick about a year ago.
Also, how do you deal with friends, especially during a flare? Not everyone has stuck by me, which is for the better (and I surprised myself that I didn't care too much). Priorities change so quickly...

mellzie19 said...

Hi Mary!

Thank you for reading my blog :)

I qualify for disability at my school. I reluctantly accepted their services. Through them, I get a note for all my teachers informing them that I might have more absences than normal and should be allowed to have extra time to complete assignments (they also give me more time on tests but I never use it). Most of my professors take the form and thats that. Sometimes they want more information and I say I have an autoimmune illness and sometimes I say I have lupus. It normally does not go any farther than that. I don't want pity taken on me, like you said, so I don't really go on about it. I just let them know that I have an autoimmune disease.

My closest friends know I have lupus, but even they don't really get what it is. I have trouble explaining it because most of them never experience anything like it. For one friend, after I had to leave two parties we were at early, I posted the Faces of Lupus videos from the Alliance for Lupus Research on her Facebook wall. She seemed to get a better understanding of what lupus is.

I lost friends before diagnosis because everyone thought I was making up how I felt. They thought I wanted attention or something like that. But now I just have trouble getting friends to understand.

Take care!