Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now, Seriously...

So my health insurance covered my surgery. But they did not cover the anesthesia. The bill for that is more than I made in all of last year. It's ridiculous. I have no way to pay for it. And I do not think that it is going to get paid anytime soon. My financial situation is bad. My shoes have holes in them and I do not have enough money to replace them. My money normally goes to bills and prescriptions. It does not leave a lot left over. And I hold onto that money because I never know when something will come up. Another prescription might be added and I will need that money for the copay. Or my car, which is the only method I have to getting to my rheumatologist, will have some issue and I need the money to fix it.

I'm really scared about my financial future. I am 21 years old. I have school loans to think about. I am not in debt because I spent too much on credit cards like a lot of people my age, but because I have a chronic illness that has required multiple, expensive interventions. I should not have to worry about this. My biggest concern about graduating is finding a way to pay off this bedt and having health insurance. I would love to go to graduate school. I will have health insurance then, but I will also have more student loans. There really is no way to win.

Speaking of health interventions, I am really sick of being sick right now. I can't seem to catch a break. I've had mouth sores the past few days. Now my throat hurts and I can't tell if it is because I have mouth sores on the back of my tongue or its a real sore throat. One of my apartment-mates is sick with a cough and sore throat. My ears have started to itch and hurt as well.

And then there are the biweekly blood draws that I am really confused about. Some of them are fully covered by my insurance and some are not. I need to figure out why that it. I have paid off one bill, but I can't do anymore. I will need new sneakers soon, and there's that little issue of needing to feed myself.

Oh, and I got a tuition bill. Financial aid said they would help me with it last semester, so I hope that when I go to them they will say the same thing. Even though it is definitely small compared to other people's, I really cannot afford it.

My job is being ridiculously stressful as well. It is a campus work-study job. There is no need for that.

Well, I am just a whiner today. But I' m pretty stressed out and what are blogs for?

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